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Hey All! [Tue 17.4.2007 | 6:54pm ]

[ mood | Must make deadlines! P: ]

Tis me, Rogu-Chan. Known to a few people in real life that are in this rp community as Shizuka (or Jess xD)

But le sigh, here I am again. Forgot the password to my old LJ, figured that I didn't use it much, so here we are! :D

I hope that I can still maintain my position as Kaiba Corps' Advertising Head. ^_^"

I'll upload stuff later tonight! :D

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Post as Ursula [Sun 21.1.2007 | 3:11pm ]

(OOC: For those of you who forgot who Ursula is, see the website)

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[Fri 12.1.2007 | 10:15pm ]

[ mood | amused ]

Your character sees a big door. They feel compelled to enter it.

But wait, is this the work of a homunculus???? Or is it merely a hologram? Open it and see!

((Yep, this is my sucky fantasy world start post :D HAVE FUN, puppets!))

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[Wed 10.1.2007 | 10:46pm ]

Picked up another (original) character so I can keep this RP going. I don't want it to die like my previous RPs...D:

Meet Mira :3 apprentice_girl (SHUTUP KAIBA)

Appearance: Tannish skin, blue eyes, brown hair, slim figure
What she likes: cats, dogs, cooking, archery, friends, Ryou
Dislikes: Idiots, mean people (XD)

Yeah, that's my sucky character profile XD;;; She'll be in the fantasy storyline, so :3
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[Wed 10.1.2007 | 10:35pm ]

[ mood | tired ]

Hey guys :3

Post here with your character stats (what they are i.e. mage) for the fantasy storyline :D

Ryou: Necromancer/Puppetteer
Ed: Alchemist (XD)
Envy: Puppetteer
Mokuba: Magician in training
Kaiba: Wizard
Mira (SHUSH KAIBA): Archer
Tracey: Shapeshifter
Dartz: Dragon Tamer

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*fails arms widly* [Wed 10.1.2007 | 7:43pm ]

Anyways for the magic/fantasy theme I have Decided to make Ryou a mixture of a Necromancer and a Puppetteer- I mean Ryou would be able to make his puppets come to life with somebody's dead soul. *nods head*
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Dartz is not pleased. [Tue 9.1.2007 | 10:55pm ]
[ mood | determined ]

You said you guys would not let it diiiiieeeee!

Dartz is not spending time making you guys layouts for nothing *waves finger*
Now you guys better get you lil butts back here or I will have to get more minions to go get you. and they are not gona be none of those bishi minions you like either! There going to be the weird ones! Like the girlie one I sent after Kaiba in the show.
what was that guys name....? *thumbs through files*
hmmm. does not seem to be listed..
none the less. >:(

(ps- send me pics for the next layout :D)

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hello again [Tue 9.1.2007 | 10:07am ]

[ mood | blah ]

Chesse and donuts make me happy....

dis is me when I miss Mai

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Here comes Dartzy claus! [Wed 13.12.2006 | 12:49am ]
[ mood | tired ]

Dartz here.
New Layout! Take a look! You like? Isn't the fan art cute? *It better be cute! It took way to long to finish!*
Forgive the mistakes, I'm still working out the kinks. (the Sidebar is not all the way filled out, not lined up, etc.) I'm just posting this now in case someone comes in and is like "WTF?!?! What happened?!?*

Happy Holidays <3

ps: All your souls are belong to me.....and your three C's :3
(your cookies...and cake..and companies)

*glomps Kaiba-kun and Ryou-chan for there help*

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Time to get this RP rolling~! (ooc) [Tue 5.12.2006 | 8:45pm ]

So. What themes would you guys like to see? Medieval? Fantasy? Someone gets hit upside the head and goes berserk, pulling everyone into a warp hole? One day Envy decides to go pull pranks on everyone he knows which triggers a fight? One day Edward gets hit upside the head by Envy and gets amnesia and doesn't know who anyone is?

Post your ideas here~!

EDIT: I forgot about Kaiba-sama's idea for a Gilligan's Island theme. Stupid me >>;
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Newbie [Wed 22.11.2006 | 6:33pm ]

OOC: Hey, I was invited over from 500_years to RP here as Mokuba I was told by misterkaiba_kc that the other Mokuba left

So, hi ^____^

So, what does this com, story line? I couldn't find one on the info page... and anything I should know about Mokuba's past things here?
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Updating OOC [Wed 22.11.2006 | 4:33pm ]

Ok, over the weekend I'm going to redo the web site for this com.. for one we lost Naurto and Mokuba and we have some people not listed on there. Also the user page I'm going to pretty up as well, hopefully promote this com and get it up and running again with sneer nonsense ^_____^ and finally,

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Oh and who's enemy_lines doesn't ring a bell...

and I'm going to use other Kaiba journal that I have open anyway for this com since it may get confusing with my journal and if all goes well I don't want a whole bunch of new RPing people on my f-list.. so, the new journal name is duelist_kaiba and yes Kaiba's still going to hump his beloved laptop ^~

Kaiba: And loving it!
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[Tue 21.11.2006 | 8:51pm ]

[ mood | dodedodedo ]

i got a plushie. i got a plushie. i got a plushie, hey, hey, hey, hey. [image not mine C. Shikura]

Well, ladies and gents, does any one have any fan art/other art requests from me?

*i know most of you have never seen my work, but hey, better than nothing right? :3 *

I'd like something to so over the break, and hopefully I can use these as your Christmas presents for the company party! ^w^

I'll be taking requests now through December 15th. (<-- for those who want a holiday present! :| )
Other than that feel free to message me as you please! ^_^

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*pokes* [Tue 21.11.2006 | 7:07pm ]

HEY EVERYONE! long time no...type?


what's new?


Oh, p.s. Kaiba, I'll send you some advertisments and such soon! ^___^
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you think about what? [Tue 21.11.2006 | 5:22pm ]
[ mood | I'm bored. Fix it! ]

*rises from pit in ground looking like a zombie*
Back from the dead....its...DARTZ!!!!
did you miss me? (I know you did <3)

So as you all probably already know, I have been gone for a really long time...

hows it going?

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=^.^= [Sun 12.11.2006 | 9:11pm ]

Kawaii desu! Kaiba-Kun I love the layout!

*update* Nefermind.... ^__^' Kudos to Dartz instead!
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[Mon 16.10.2006 | 8:33pm ]

What happend that day was...Collapse )
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Another leg up! [Tue 26.9.2006 | 7:06am ]

[ mood | creative ]

Yes, I'm giving it one more shot! Psha!

Roy's new line of WorkCollapse )

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I believe today is... [Tue 12.9.2006 | 3:41pm ]



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Shhhhhhh........... [Fri 1.9.2006 | 11:10pm ]
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