BlueSpikey (misterkaiba_kc) wrote in rp_yugioh,

Updating OOC

Ok, over the weekend I'm going to redo the web site for this com.. for one we lost Naurto and Mokuba and we have some people not listed on there. Also the user page I'm going to pretty up as well, hopefully promote this com and get it up and running again with sneer nonsense ^_____^ and finally,

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Oh and who's enemy_lines doesn't ring a bell...

and I'm going to use other Kaiba journal that I have open anyway for this com since it may get confusing with my journal and if all goes well I don't want a whole bunch of new RPing people on my f-list.. so, the new journal name is duelist_kaiba and yes Kaiba's still going to hump his beloved laptop ^~

Kaiba: And loving it!
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