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Here comes Dartzy claus!

Dartz here.
New Layout! Take a look! You like? Isn't the fan art cute? *It better be cute! It took way to long to finish!*
Forgive the mistakes, I'm still working out the kinks. (the Sidebar is not all the way filled out, not lined up, etc.) I'm just posting this now in case someone comes in and is like "WTF?!?! What happened?!?*

Happy Holidays <3

ps: All your souls are belong to me.....and your three C's :3
(your cookies...and cake..and companies)

*glomps Kaiba-kun and Ryou-chan for there help*
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First, it's Kaiba Klaus.
Secondly, don't even think about taking my company.
Thirdly, don't hug me.

((You're welcome, let's get this RP kicking again ^__^))
*latches on to Kaiba* awww, you know you love me. <3

(yep. this Rp is going to rock like it used to!)
I rather kill myself then care about you *glare* *shoves away*
Nice I like the picture... but where's niisan?
*points to upper right hand corner*
Niisan! *pout*
*laughs* Sugoi sugoi! ^-^
I love that pic!